See Zeke Run; See Zeke Steal; See Zeke Shock

You may not know the newest addition to the Boise Hawks infield core by name yet; but rest assured, you will. After only eight games in the Chicago Cubs organization, Ezekiel DeVoss is making his name (Zeke) heard loudly around the organization while in Boise.

Devoss joined the Hawks after being selected by the Chicago Cubs in the third-round of the 2011 First-Year players draft as a sophomore from the University of Miami. He was promoted after playing in only three games for the Arizona Cubs of the Arizona Rookie League.

He reportedly signed a $500,000 contract with the organization.

While with the Hurricanes, the 5-foot-10 second base/outfield hybrid did nothing short of impress. In only two years, DeVoss started 121 of 123 while dominating most offensive categories and showing incredible plate discipline.

Discretion at the plate can often be difficult for young, professional hitters making the transition from college. However, in his final year with Miami, DeVoss led the team in walks (57) and on-base percentage (.491). For the Hawks, he has three walks and an OBP of .591 through five games.

Some skeptics may debate whether a player as young as DeVoss is ready for the lead-off roll as a professional. Think about this: DeVoss started all 61 games for the Hurricanes last season, where he led off in every game and led the team with a .340 average in his sophomore year.

DeVoss’ scouting report boasts a well-rounded game with immense potential for offensive production at the next level. He hits well for average, has plus speed on the base-paths and is very versatile in the field.

Since arriving in Boise, DeVoss has eight stolen bases and three multi-hit games while carrying a .407 average from both sides of the plate.

It’s not hard to find where DeVoss’ talent originates from. His parents, Mark and Angie DeVoss, were both collegiate athletes at Florida Southern University, leaving Zeke with a wide range of athletics ability spanning across three sports (baseball, basketball and football) while attending Astronaut High School.

Whether you know his name or not, one thing is for sure; Zeke DeVoss will be stealing the hearts of Wrigley Nation for years to come. 

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